the big five personality traits

The Big Five Personality Traits

An Introduction to the Big Five Personality Traits The Big Five Personality Traits theory is, perhaps, the most famous of the trait theories of personality. Gordon Allport first recorded 18,000 words in the English language that referred to personality characteristics. Raymond Cattell proposed sixteen personality traits, using a factor analysis. Hans Eysenck developed Cattell’s work further […]

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eysenck theory

Eysenck’s (1947, 1966) Theory of Personality Traits

An Introduction to the Eysenck Theory of Three Factors Hans Eysenck (1916-1997) developed a very influential trait theory of personality, which has successful infiltrated the public mindset with regards to how we think about personality in day-to-day life. Using factor analysis to devise his theory, Eysenck (1947, 1966) identified three factors of personality: extroversion, neuroticism and psychoticism. […]

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trait theory

Trait Theory | An Introduction

What is a Trait Theory? A trait theory understands personality much as personality is talked about in day-to-day life: a set of personal characteristics or qualities that determines the different ways we behave in different situations. Trait theory has its origins in Ancient Greece and the work of the Greek physician Galen (2nd Century AD). […]

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