Temperament: A Reliable Indicator of a Baby’s Personality?

How can you define a person? Such a question is pivotal in the study of Personality and Developmental Psychology. It’s also a question mooted by parents and relatives of small children, keen to notice tell-tale signs on the adult they will, in time, grow into. One such concept, which originates more than two millenia ago, […]

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What psychologists say about decision making

What Psychologists Say About… Decision Making

We’ve just uploaded a new Psychologist Quotes video to our YouTube Channel featuring nine quotes from leading psychologists about decision making. From famous names of the past, including Sigmund Freud and B.F.Skinner, to more current psychologists, such as Daniel Gilbert, discover their different approaches to decision making and consider how you can apply their thoughts […]

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What Psychologists Say About Anxiety - 7 Quotes

What Psychologists Say About… Anxiety

Our latest YouTube Video brings you seven interesting and inspiring quotes about Anxiety from some leading Psychologists. Whether you are experiencing Anxiety, or know someone who is, the quotes in this short video will help you gain an understanding of how Psychologists conceptualise Anxiety and, in doing so, hopefully provide you with some positive direction […]

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Subliminal The New Unconscious and What It Teaches Us Leonard Mlodinow

Off The Shelf: Subliminal by Leonard Mlodinow

Ahead of the release of Leonard Mlodinow’s latest book Elastic: Flexible Thinking, I had a read of one of the author’s best-sellers: Subliminal: The New Unconscious and What It Teaches Us. The book is both fun to read and hugely informative. Drawing on a wide range of classic social psychology, cognitive and neuroscience studies, spanning the […]

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The Strange Situation- Mary Ainsworth

The Strange Situation | Mary Ainsworth (1969)

In 1969, American Psychologist Mary Ainsworth developed a new procedure for studying attachment types in infants. She called her procedure the Strange Situation Classification – known more commonly as just the Strange Situation. Ainsworth was a student of the leading Developmental Psychologist John Bowlby.    As an adult you know when you’ve formed an attachment […]

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Psychology Textbooks recommended for students, from secondary school to university.

Psychology Textbooks Recommended for Students

Psychology textbooks are an excellent resource for accessing a large amount of information in a clear, ordered way.   If you are studying psychology for your school exams or for a university degree, you will definitely want to arm yourself with a reliable textbook.   Even PhD students can benefit from some of the higher […]

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schaffer emerson

How Babies Form Attachments in Four Stages | Schaffer & Emerson

Schaffer & Emerson (1964) conducted an observational study of 60 children in Glasgow, Scotland, to understand how babies form and develop attachments. They note that human infants take a significantly longer time to form a bond than newborn animals, such as ducks. Human infants’ attachments develop in four stages: 1) The Asocial Stage – usually […]

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