Subliminal The New Unconscious and What It Teaches Us Leonard Mlodinow

Off The Shelf: Subliminal by Leonard Mlodinow

Ahead of the release of Leonard Mlodinow’s latest book Elastic: Flexible Thinking, I had a read of one of the author’s best-sellers: Subliminal: The New Unconscious and What It Teaches Us. The book is both fun to read and hugely informative. Drawing on a wide range of classic social psychology, cognitive and neuroscience studies, spanning the […]

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Peak: Secrets of Experts of Experts – Anders Ericsson – Animated Book Review

This is an animated book review of “Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise” by Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool. In this video we will discuss talent, how to perform effective practice and the 10,000 hours rule. Are great people really born with a special gift? Before we start, you should know that the […]

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