Social Psychology

In some ways, all psychology is social psychology because all psychological areas of study¬†exist within a social context. However, there is a distinct field of social psychology that exists alongside other approaches, such as developmental or cognitive psychology.   Gordon Allport (1968) perhaps puts it best when he describes social psychology as the study of […]

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trait theory

Trait Theory | An Introduction

What is a Trait Theory? A trait theory understands personality much as personality is talked about in day-to-day life: a set of personal characteristics or qualities that determines the different ways we behave in different situations. Trait theory has its origins in Ancient Greece and the work of the Greek physician Galen (2nd Century AD). […]

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Nomothetic and Idiographic Approaches

Nomothetic and Idiographic: Two Approaches to Personality The Nomothetic and Idiographic approaches tackle Personality Psychology from opposing angles. Personality psychologists study something that is supposedly unique to each of us, yet also something we all have. So is Personality Psychology the psychological equivalent of studying fingerprints? Psychologists tend to fall into one of two camps when approaching personality: […]

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