The 7 Most Inspirational Mindfulness TED Talks

Mindfulness is the state of mental calmness achieved by focusing your awareness on the present moment and accepting your feelings, thoughts, and sensations.

Regular practice has proven to have a positive effect on your overall health and reduce stress levels significantly.TedTalks on MindfulnessTED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a set of global conferences run by the Sapling Foundation. It originally focused on technology and design, but it has since broadened its focus on scientific and cultural topics.

I hope this list of mindfulness TED talks encourages you to try out mindfulness for yourself and experience its numerous benefits!

7 Inspirational Mindfulness Ted Talks To Watch Today…

All It Takes Is 10 Mindful Minutes

Andy Puddicombe

Do you know how much time you have spent lost in your own thoughts? In his talk, Puddicombe asks how many people in the audience have ever looked after their mind. Meditation, he says, can be the aspirin for the mind. He also tells about some his wonderful experiences as a monk in the Himalayas.

The Art of Stillness

Pico Iyer

By observing his thoughts during his journey all over the word, Pico found out that, “There is nothing either good or bad, as Shakespeare told us in ‘Hamlet’, but thinking makes it so.” He gives us an astonishing amount of information about meditation that he’s learned from visiting many of the top social network institutions.

The Practice of Mindfulness

Diana Winston

Diana Winston takes us through some of the research into the benefits of mindfulness. She also explains why suffering from physical symptoms of stress has been helpful and why people are happier if they pay attention to the present moment.

The Mindful Way Through Depression

Zindel Segal

Depression is episodic and recurrent. In working with people with mood disorders, Zindel faced the challenge of helping them recover from depression and continue with a healthy mindset. He set out to understand the triggers that could make people fall back into depression. He found that mindfulness plays an important role in preventing depression.

Mindfulness and Healing

 Shannon Paige

Shannon was diagnosed with cancer when she was 21 years old. She has been through lots of battles throughout the entire process but eventually beat it. However, when the cancer was gone, her battle with depression began. She proposes that yoga builds the mind-body connection and can help in combatting depression.

Mindfulness in Schools

Richard Burnett

Do you think mindfulness is too boring for youngsters? Burnett launched his project “dot B”, which aims to provide engaging, fun, memorable and practical use of meditation.

He tells us that the second mode of mind – apart from thinking – is sensing. He shows how training in sensing can help children cope with depression and anxiety from over-thinking.

How Mindfulness Meditation Redefines Pain, Happiness, and Satisfaction

Dr. Kasim Al-Mashat

Even when we have everything we want, why is it seemingly not enough? Dr. Kasim Al-Mashat tells us of his hilarious and joyful experiences in a forest, explains why mindfulness meditation is not a quick-fix and tells us how we can look at pain.

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