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How classical conditioning works

What is classical conditioning? Who is Ivan Pavlov? How does this form of learning impact your daily life? Topics Discussed: – Classical conditioning – Ivan Pavlov – Unconditioned stimulus – Unconditioned response – Conditioned stimulus – Conditioned response Learn more: – – – Adapted from Joel I. Shenker’s “Classical Conditioning: An All-Purpose […]

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Classical Conditioning

An Introduction to Classical Conditioning Classical Conditioning (also known as Pavlovian Conditioning) was discovered by accident. Ivan Pavlov – a Russian Physiologist, and the first Russian to win the Nobel Peace Prize for Physiology or Medicine – was studying the gastric system of dogs when he observed that the dogs began salivating in anticipation of […]

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Operant Conditioning

An Introduction to Operant Conditioning (Instrumental Conditioning) Operant conditioning, also known as Instrumental Conditioning, informs us of the interaction between environmental stimuli and our behaviours. The term ‘operant’ stems from the idea that the individual learns through responding, or operating on the environment. The basic premise of instrumental conditioning is when a particular action results […]