The Strange Situation- Mary Ainsworth

The Strange Situation | Mary Ainsworth (1969)

In 1969, American Psychologist Mary Ainsworth developed a new procedure for studying attachment types in infants. She called her procedure the Strange Situation Classification – known more commonly as just the Strange Situation. Ainsworth was a student of the leading Developmental Psychologist John Bowlby.    As an adult you know when you’ve formed an attachment […]

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schaffer emerson

How Babies Form Attachments in Four Stages | Schaffer & Emerson

Schaffer & Emerson (1964) conducted an observational study of 60 children in Glasgow, Scotland, to understand how babies form and develop attachments. They note that human infants take a significantly longer time to form a bond than newborn animals, such as ducks. Human infants’ attachments develop in four stages: 1) The Asocial Stage – usually […]

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