Psychology Tutor

Sometimes it’s easier to learn something by being able to interact and discuss the topic with someone, rather than just watching videos or reading articles.

If you are interested in pursuing private tutoring, read on for more details and get in touch.

About Tutoring Sessions

In a private tutoring session, we’ll cover topics at a speed that suits you and in a way that matches your natural approach to learning.

Psychology tutoring can run alongside or independently from a course.

Students can request topics ahead of the session, or bring challenges they are facing in their course for discussion.

Alternatively, students can engage in an open and wide-ranging discussion that will develop argumentation, critical thinking and communication skills beyond the scope of a course.

Areas we could look at together

GCSE Psychology
A-Level Psychology
Undergraduate Psychology
Essay Writing Skills
General Study Skills
Oxbridge Interview Preparation

About Daniel Edward

Daniel Edward set up Psychology Unlocked in 2016 to support psychology students in their studies and exams. Daniel has a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Politics and Sociology from the University of Cambridge in the UK.

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