7 Ways to Speed Read Faster and Retain 300% More with Clark Kegley!

In this video we’re going to look at 7 speed reading hacks that actually work.

Now whether, you’re a student and need to get through not so great textbooks you’re forced to read, or someone who just wants to read faster and get the most out of valuable time spent with your nose in the books, than this videos for you.

Visual regression is a fancy way of saying “re-reading and going back over what you just read SO fast that you don’t realize it”

Think of riding a bicycle and for every 2 pedals forward you take one back. Definitely going to slow us down, right?

If you want to read faster, force yourself to keep moving forward.

To fight visual regression back peddling, use a pen, highlighter or your finger as a pacer so you can’t go back.

I’ve even heard of people physically drawing lines with the pen as they read.

Some of the tips in this book will teach you to speed read, but they will all answer your question on how to read faster.

7 Ways to Speed Read Faster and Retain 300% More with Clark Kegley!

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